befree is a synthesis made from Yoga and Sphenology, which was founded by Yvonne Jasmine Harjinder Kaur in 2016. befree brings together elements from the Kundalini Yoga teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the Sphenolgy after Günter Gassmann. At the same time, new is created from the life experiences of Yvonne Jasmine Harjinder Kaur.

befree are the teachings of being independently aligned – swing yourself free

Sphenology, on the other hand, comes from Atlaslogy. As an Atlaslogist Dr.rer.nat. Guenter Gassmann (* 1939, † 2018) has been using the Swiss Atlaslogy as a base to develop Sphenology, since 2009, practicing and teaching it until 2018.

“Atlaslogy is a gentle, energetic method. The atlas is set in motion without tools and equipment. Since mankind is always on the move, an atlas can never stay centered for a lifetime. “Swiss Association for Atlaslogy (SVFA)