You learn to swing yourself into balance so you can be upright, aligned and symmetrical. You learn how to swing the sphenoid, maxilla, axis and atlas, the cervical and lumbar spine, the sacrum and coccyx, and get more agile with exercises like the camel rides, to let the energy flow and become free of pain.

Finally, palpation and measurement ensure symmetry of the sphenoid and the entire spine and increasing cervical vertebrae mobility.

After 3 counselings, you can practice the 11 befree oscillations, possibly combined with the 3 Sphenology special oscillations and supplementary exercises, at any time to achieve straightness that is stable. If you are straight, free of discomfort and the cervical vertebra is flexible it is enough if you practice one single befree oscillation in the morning.

Once or twice a year, supervision is recommended to ensure that you maintain in symmetry, that the cervical vertebrae are free to move and that you practice the befree vibrations correctly and effectively.